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Industrial Vision System

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We offer system integration of different industrial camera systems in industrial facilities for automation and inspection of production and manufacturing.

There is a variety of camera and lighting systems on the market. They differ strongly in their properties, quality and price. The design and selection of proper vision system for your application is time consuming and related to multilayered requirements. Please benefit our knowhow in the area of industrial vision systems and our knowledge in the market for a fast and cost efficient realization.

For the sophisticated applications, you can profit from our knowhow in the area of industrial image processing. We develop for you problem-specific softwares, based on commercial and self-developed image processing libraries. [Details]

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Our Team:

Our team consists of high qualified and most motivated engineers with years of experience in the field of Vision System. Each team is led and scientifically accompanied by an Dr. –Ing. in this field. We work at state of the art and use our know-how for the development of innovative ideas and products.



Plastic technology, optic production, industrial robots, electronic production, tool making, pharmaceutical industry, food industry, beverage industry, materials handling, surface mining, construction, 3D display technology, …

Please contact us for further information: info@eo-innovations.com .